ChainMaille Bracelet with Rutliated Quartz
Byzantine ChainMaille Bracelet, in Brass with Rutilated Quartz Total length of this bracelet is 8 inches. Rutilated Quartz appears as quartz with golden, red and black "strands" within. It repels negative energy, and helps increase energy levels. It is useful for those with chronic illness. Brass is a warm, energetic metal, which encourages movement and energy. I infuse my hand-made jewelry with the intention to heal and empower, then cleanse and charge it especially for you when I package it for shipping. I used 18 gauge chainmaille links, size 5/32 in, for this bracelet, which I wove in a Byzantine pattern (one link at a time.) It is sturdy but not too heavy. The chainmaille links are sawed apart, not cut, so the edge joins are very smooth. I used 22 gauge wire to string the Rutilated Quartz nuggets. I used 20 gauge wire to make the brass hook & eye clasp. The wire used for the Quartz and to make the clasp is a bit more bright yellow than the chainmaille links, so it is "two-tone" in a way. This bracelet is sized for larger ladies (or smaller gentlemen), at 8 inches. I can make it *slightly* smaller or larger, if you need. Everyone deserves to wear unique, hand-made jewelry. I hand-craft every piece all by myself (no assembly lines here), so everything in my shop is truly one-of-a-kind. I am drawn to stones that are not seen very often, and sometimes they are more expensive, but their beautiful vibration draws me in. I pick out a bead or stone, and let the stone guide me in making a unique piece of jewelry.