Hanging in the Country

Handmade in Western New York

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Nunda, NY
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Hi, I'm Amy. I love gardening and plants, I have never been able to walk by a discounted plant display! I have quite an interesting collection of house plants hanging in every window of my house thanks to these sales. Summer is my favorite season, although playing in my garden in the Spring is high on my list of loves too :) I opened my shop at the end of July with much hope and many ideas. Sometimes staying up all night just thinking of all of the projects I want to work on. Although my "real world" job has been mostly technical over the years, I am ready to "play" with my creative and crafty side. I am looking forward to working on fun projects for a change. I will be adding more to my shop, working on my taglines and titles and yes, I know I need to fine tune some of my pictures. Right now, I am still working 45 hours a week and commuting 5 hours a week, so my plans and projects are coming along slower than I had anticipated. That's my story, for now..........