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Here is a preemie set that consists of a sweater,skirt, and ruffled panties, and a pair of socks will fit a preemie betweem4 and 6 lbs and 19-22" long. Sweater is a v-neck cardigan made in a verigated blue and the front has two diamond designs on each side of the button band. This outfit has 4 buttons snap closures for easy on and off. Skirt is knitted in a pleated style with a elastic waistband anda pair of ruffled panties for easy on of and quick changing if needed. The panties has 3 ruffles across the back of the pantie and has 3 buttons at the opening for easy changing. This set also come with a pair of socks to go with the set. The set is made of s acrylic that is both machine washable and dryer safe for quick cleaning .