Handmade Moss Agate Pendant Leather Necklace
This beautiful suede leather cord and moss agate pendant necklace will look fantastic with green, and is perfect for men, women, and children. It will make great gifts for anyone and any occasion. The length of this necklace is adjustable using the double knots. To shorten the necklace, adjust it so the knots move away from each other. To lengthen the necklace, adjust it so the knots move closer to each other, but BE CAREFUL! Do NOT allow the two knots to come completely together, or you will probably have a very difficult task of getting them apart again. Moss Agate Properties: Moss agate is associated with the heart chakra, and not surprisingly, has a positive impact on both the physical and spiritual heart. It helps improve self-esteem, reduces stress and fears, increases optimism, and helps you get along with others. Moss agate is also known for its use in agraculture and attracting wealth. It inspires creativity and self-expression, developes strength, and enhances the senses. Moss agate helps provide a healthy circulatory system, and, when worn as a necklace, strengthens the heart. It also helps remove toxins from the body. Overview * Handmade Item * Unisex jewelry * Necklace length: adjustable from choker to 30" * Necklace type: leather double-knot design * Pedant Type: Hexagonal Point * Necklace Cord: Genuine brown 1/8" (2mm) flat leather cord * Material: Moss Agate * Only ships within the United States * Condition: Brand new hand made