Handmade Selenite Blade Pendant Leather Necklace
This beautiful suede leather cord and selenite blade pendant double-knot necklaces will look fantastic with whatever you wear, and are perfect for men, women, and children. They make great gifts for anyone and any occasion. The length of this necklace is adjustable using the double knots. To shorten the necklace, adjust it so the knots move away from each other. To lengthen the necklace, adjust it so the knots move closer to each other, but BE CAREFUL! Do NOT allow the two knots to come completely together, or you will probably have a very difficult task of getting them apart again. Selenite Properties: Helps you reach your highest potential. It raises your energetic vibration to a higher energy to ward off negativity. Keeps feelings of grief, anger, anxiety, and fear away. Selenite calms, relaxes, and energizes you, helping improve concentration and inspiration for whatever you're working on to flow freely. Selenite, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, is associated with the 7th, Crown, Chakra. Selenite can be used to cleanse all of your other crystals. Just place them next to your selenite, being very careful not to scratch the selenite with the other crystals, and let them sit for a while (personally, I just put them all together at night, when I go to bed). As suggested above, selenite is a more delicate crystal, with only a hardness of 2 on Moh's scale (chalk is a 1), and can easily be scratched by as little as a fingernail. Also, selenite should never be allowed to get wet, and should only be cleaned with a soft, dry, and very delicate cloth. Never use chemical cleaners, soap, etc., on selenite. Overview * Handmade Item * Unisex jewelry * Necklace length: adjustable from choker to 30" * Necklace type: leather double-knot design * Pedant Type: Blade * Necklace Cord: Genuine brown 1/8" (2mm) flat leather cord * Material: Selenite * Only ships within the United States * Condition: Brand new hand made