Handmade Braided Leather Bracelets
This braided leather bracelet looks great on both men and women, and will go well with anything, and will even work with another bracelet, if you want to wear more than one. This braided leather bracelet is my #1 Best Seller when I sell my handmade jewelry offline. It's almost as easy as just wearing it when I go anywhere, and have my Android's PayPal card reader and a bunch of these ready, and I sell them....well, almost that easy. But they do often sell on sight. After several failures with the toggle clasp as mine aged, I have switched the clasp to a lobster claw. Sizes: * 6-7 years: 6.5" * 8-12 years: 7" * Ladies Small: 7" * Ladies Med/Small: 7.25" * Ladies Medium: 7.5" * Ladies Med/Large: 7.75" * Ladies Large: 8" * Mens: 8" * Mens Large: 9" Overview * Handmade Item * Clasp: Toggle clasp * Materials: High quality genuine black 5mm round braided leather cord, silver-colored 6mm cord ends, toggle clasp * Condition: Brand new hand made