Handmade Celtic Weave Wrist Cuff and Grounding Crystals
Add some Celtic, Medieval, or Renaissance flair along with two grounding crystals, carnelian and red jasper on this very attractive cuff bracelet. Handcrafted by weaving permanently silver colored wire into an intricate braided pattern. This wrist cuff can be shaped for most wrist sizes for men and women. Warning! Do not bend to put it on and take it off, or you will eventually cause the wire to fatigue and break. Place the opening on the side of your wrist and slide it above and onto your wrist. You may need to bend it to shape it to your wrist at first---this is ok, as long as you don't keep bending it indefinitely. Crystal Properties: Carnelian: Carnelian is a grounding crystal; anchors you in the current reality. It helps give you courage, self-trust and motivation to succeed. Red Jasper: Red jasper is a grounding crystal; it calms your emotions, and when placed under the pillow, can help with dream recall. It also helps provide strength, courage, energy, and determination. Overview * Handmade Item * Gemstones: Carnelian and Red Jasper crystal beads * Material: Silver colored 18g wire, gemstone crystal beads * Condition: Brand new hand made