Handmade Amethyst Earrings
These beautiful, elegant genuine amethyst earrings, which have not only purple, but also shades of white, will add a beautiful touch to almost anything you wear. These earrings are made with smaller, lightweight raw amethyst gemstones than our necklaces specifically to lighten the load on your earlobes. The style will vary as some use several very small amethyst crystals, and some use a single, slightly larger crystal. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, and these amethyst earrings would make a great gift for women born in February, or for a wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, etc., regardless of their birthday, or for women (or men who wear earrings) who love crystals. Amethyst Properties (highlights) Amethyst helps provide mental clarity and enhances perception and understanding. Amethyst helps you relax, calms you, and, among other things, relieves stress. Put an amethyst crystal under your pillow (or inside the pillowcase, as I do) and it will help you get a good, restful night's sleep and help you remember dreams. Chakras: Third Eye and Crown. Overview * Item Type: Raw, uncut amethyst gemstone; pendant size, shape, and mix of colors varies. * Findings: Silver-colored fish-hook * Material: Semi-precious Gemstone (Amethyst) * Condition: Brand new hand made