Handmade Tin Chess set Hungarian - hand painted
detailed tinsel pewter chess sets. They have an elegant look. They make the period of king Matias kiraly. The tin pieces have an amazing heavy feel and inspiring presence. Matthias Corvinus or Matthew I. (Romanian Matei Corvinus, in modern Hungarian Hunyadi (Corvinus) Mátyás or only Mátyás király; * February 23, 1443 Cluj - April 6, 1490, Vienna) was a King of Hungary from 1458 to 1490 1486 Austrian Duke and since 1469 he also claimed the title of King of Bohemia. Chess set of 32 figures, weight 6 Kg. Shapes sizes: King - 11 cm, and weight 300 gr., Pawn - 7,5 cm and weight 130gr Marble chessboard size: 54 * 54 cm, h 150 cm. Chess cell 4,5 * 4,5 cm, weight 5 kg Wooden hand-carved chest, weight 2 kg Also you can find other variants of chess in my shop. Thank you for visiting my shop.