Custom Half-Pint (8 oz) Paraffin Wax Mason Jar Candle
- Half-pint candle made from paraffin wax and crayons for color with the option of glitter. - These candles are non-toxic. - The pictures show a pre-burned candle with no glitter. These candles do not sink badly, but there is some sink in the wax. - If you want a mix of colors or color layers, please message me separately. - Can be ordered with scents or no scents. If you would like a mix of scents, please message me separately. -Will burn for hours and still have a whole jar left almost. -Because of the limit with how many variations, please message me when you order stating what color you want your wax; remember, crayon is used for color so possibilities are endless! (picture/ proof of color is highly appreciative) - Perfect for any occasion including Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter, etc.