Pink Rhodolite pendant- "pink Turqouise"
Stunning Pink Rhodolite (sometimes called pink Turquoise) and Fine Silver Pendant. Silver is 99.9 percent & reclaimed. Setting adorned with beautiful handmade silver flower bail. Strung on black leather with silver clasps at back, total length 24" with pendant. Hand smithed jewelry of certified green silver made and Oregon sourced stones available now. Each piece is cut or cast, forged, hammered, set and polished by me. What does sustainable green silver mean in my jewelry? I start with fine silver which is the purest available -99.9% silver made with reclaimed/recycled metal or from third party certified, ethically mined metal. The company I purchase my bulk silver from recycles silver and gold from a variety of sources, has been doing this for 30 years and has won numerous environmental awards over the years. What does sustainable mean? It is a social pact with future generations. Sustainable means meeting our present needs without compromising the needs of our children.