Super Large Size Coupon Organizer / Budget Organizer Holder Box - Attaches to Your Shopping Cart -  Sunshine Floral on Gray
Using coupons is the easiest way to save a huge amount of money on your grocery bill. Organizing your coupons can be confusing and remembering were you put them when you need them can be frustrating. This organizer is designed to where you can come up with your own system to manage your coupons your way and is an invaluable aide for people that shops with coupons or wants to start using coupons. This organizer I design and have used for many of years (15+) and saved a lot of money each week using it. NO more putting coupons in drawers, bottom of your purse, or plastic organizer that you have to search for coupons that are in the wrong category and fall apart. ♥ Mine are double interfaced so laminating for water proofing is NOT necessary. Need a budget system to keep your receipts in and organized. This will keep you organized in every way possible. My organizer comes with: ♥ 30 blank dividers ♥ 80 grocery labels, 40 budget receipt labels 16 department store labels and 24 blank labels a total of 160 labels! ♥ attaches to your shopping cart for easy use and EASY access to your coupons! ♥ Endless possibilities for you to organizer it your way. Aisle by aisle, alphabetical order, store by store, and you change it around when you want to fit your needs. ♥ Stylish fabrics to choose from ♥ never falls apart (holds up for many years) ♥ Mine are double interfaced so laminating for water proofing is NOT necessary. ♥ holds 1000’s of coupons Organizer measures: 8 inches long 5 inches tall (when closed) 4 inches in depth Has a 20 inch double layered interfaced handle for easier carrying. The outside is 100% cotton and it is fully lined with 100% cotton coordinating fabric. Stiff stabilizer has been used to give it stiffness. A matching buttons has been attached to the back for closer and for attaching to your shopping cart with elastic cording. Care instructions: Machine wash and dry on low. Custom orders are welcome just drop me a line! All Items are made in a smoke free and pet free studio