We believe in simple, simple to understand, simple to apply. We believe in giving back, to that end 10% of all sales proceeds go to our local food bank to help feed those who have a hard time at times throughout the year.

Payment Policy

Payment for all items is due at checkout, Please keep in mind that custom items take anywhere from 7-28 days to complete based on complexity and time available, not unlike everyone else life sometimes gets in the way. I'll let you know my best guess on something, but understand its just that a "good guess". All billing is through pay-pal. I do accept all major credit cards via pay-pal and am verified through them.

Shipping Policy

Shipping is normally flat rate USPS to your destination, for large items i understand that not everyone can get those delivered to their door. (i cant due to our small box size and the fact its up the street) We also will ship UPS ground if door to door service is required. If UPS is requested we will cancel your original invoice and send you a new one once the shipping charges have been calculated. Work will not begin on your item (unless its one that's in stock already) until the new invoice is paid. We do not make a single dime on your shipping charges, If i miscalculate too low I'll eat the balance, if i miscalculate too high I'll refund the difference.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Normal store items (non custom) have a 14 day from date of verified delivery return policy. Full refund of monies given (minus shipping). In the event a custom item is damaged in shipment (we make every effort to ensure your items arrive as described) we will replace it at our cost with an identical item. This only holds for items damaged in shipping. You must return the damaged item to me prior to me shipping the replacement. Custom items involving names or other custom text are subject to a 72 hour right of cancellation hold before I begin layout work. State law says you have 72 hours to cancel a transaction and receive a refund. If I have not received your cancellation during that time frame no refund will be given and no returns will be accepted. In the event a custom item involving a name or other custom text is damaged in shipping, I will replace it with as nearly an identical item as I can. I keep your pattern long enough to ensure your package arrived safely and nothing is broken. Clock mechanisms are warranted for as long as my feet hit the floor in the morning. I can either send you a replacement mechanism or you can return the clock to me for repair. Customer pays shipping on the return trip, if you feel you can replace the mechanism, I'll just send you one. (sorry batteries are not covered nor are included unless otherwise stated). I will however tell you what battery is required if I know up front which it is. most are AA type batteries, for button type batteries I'll see if someone younger than me can read the number for you.

Other Policies

What other policies, i only have the few, and i've already told ya'll about them. We make every effort to source our raw materials from US based suppliers who manufacture those things here. For soaps and jewelry its not a problem there are plenty of raw material makers in the US. For woods sometimes a really great wood does not grow in the US, and must be imported. We only purchase those woods from suppliers who will vouch for the sustainability of the forest it came from.

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