Nursing Mama. Increase Breast Milk production for your baby.
My Great Grandmother, Mom, gave birth to over 10 children during her life. Several of the boys were over 12 lbs when they were born. Trying to nurse little boys with huge bellies became a struggle. This recipe to increase breast milk saved the day. She drank this tea with breakfast and with dinner while she was nursing. When I started having babies, my daughter lost weight and her wet diapers dropped to 4 a day. My Grammy taught me this herbal brew and it worked like a charm. I started drinking it hot but a new Mom needs to be mobile. I liked to brew this up and toss it in the blender with mint, strawberries and ice to make a smoothie to go. Steep for 20 minutes. For hot tea, I used only honey. The smoothie way is still my favorite. Each order contains 12 teabags.