Migraine Magic Herbal Brew, Migraine Relief Tea
This recipe has been handed down for generations to magic away those "sick headaches" that keep you in bed for days. This herbal tea has been brewed in the busy kitchens of the women in my family for generations. My Great Grandmother, "Mom", tweaked this recipe during the Great Depression, when no one could afford medicine, let alone a visit to the doctor. My Grammy would whip this up for me, just like her Mother, when my migraines started at 16. Migraines afflict all of the women and many of the men in my family, making this brew is a welcome alternative to the mind numbing medications today's doctors prescribe. Steep this teabag in hot water for 10-15 minutes and drink away your pain. I like to add raw sugar and a dribble of clover honey to sweeten it up before I drink mine. If it's a really bad one, I like to steep it a little longer, up to 25 minutes, before pouring. Each order contains 12 teabags.