Red Brecciated Jasper Flower of Life charging plate
This listing is for one Red Brecciated Jasper Sacred Geometry Orgonite Here are some common uses/benefits for Orgonite: -Eliminate EMF (smart meters, wifi, 4g electro-smog) -Transmutes deadly energy to positive life force energy -Enhance plant growth -Structure food and water-food keeps longer near orgonite -Balance the environment -enhanced psychic ability -helps anchor in higher dimensional energies Dimensions: 4” x 3/4" deep This is a circular shaped piece with the flower of life (sacred geometry) on the front. The vibrant crystals that make up this piece are Red Brecciated Jasper with Clear quartz in the center. All of the crystals in this piece have been cleared, charged and program with loving uplifting intentions before being set. The metal in this piece consists of brass, and aluminum shavings. Below are some ideas for ways you can use this piece -carry with you in a pocket or purse -Use to charge your water or favorite beverage by placing the cup on top of the orgonite. I like to leave a glass of water on top of it overnight to drink in the morning. -Great for use in the workplace -Sleep with it under a pillow or on your nightstand -Use during meditation -Set near computer monitors for protection from EMF -Use with crystal grids -Use to promote a more restful sleep and much much more. Red Brecciated Jasper - Crystal meaning Brecciated Jasper has the energies of enhancing organizational abilities, relaxation, and a sense of wholeness. It is occasionally used to assist when dowsing. It aligns the chakras and balances the yin-yang, physical, and emotional. It is a stone of protection, and is used in particular for protection during astral travel. Brecciated jasper encourages attunement and communication with animals and can help with animal allergies, plus other allergies. It brings happiness and a good outlook on life and eases stress. It is also said to bring energies for success in work. Brecciated jasper is said help increase physical endurance and ward off dehydration. This is also a great stone for people in the engineering profession. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why I make Orgonite - I am an Indigo who has been making Orgonite since 2012. After learning and working orgonite I became instantly hooked and wanted to share this knowledge with any and everyone. I began making tower busters and placed them around large cell phone towers or parts of town that could use a boost in positive energy. I was also giving them away to friends, family, neighbors and strangers to experience the benefits. My goal is to reach as many people as possible with this wonderful knowledge while also making it functional, beautiful and affordable, so all can enjoy the beautiful positive energy of these devices. I test and use each and every orgonite piece I make to ensure the quality and take note of the energy emitted from them as using different crystals helps to create a specific energy that can help with a variety of aliments. Orgonite is pretty simple and easy to make and anyone can make them with access to a few materials which are very widely available. If you would like to learn more about the benefits and history of Orgonite visit this link: Synopsis from "The Orgone Accumulator Handbook" In the 1940s, the physician and natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich claimed discovery of a new form of energy which charged up living organisms and also existed in the open atmosphere and in high vacuum. Reich's laboratory and clinical findings indicated this new energy, which he called the orgone, could be photographed and measured, and had powerful life-positive biological effects. Reich trained other scientists and physicians in his findings, and together they set about applying the inexpensive orgone treatment methods - using a device called the orgone energy accumulator - against various illness, including cancer, with remarkably good results. His published findings shocked the scientific world of his day, however, ultimately leading to numerous smear articles in the popular press, and trumped-up charges by a power-drunk Food and Drug Administration. The FDA & "investigation" lead to a court trial of much greater significance than the better-known "Scopes Monkey Trial". Ignoring Reich's evidence and declaring "the orgone energy does not exist", US Courts ordered all books on the orgone subject to be literally banned and burned. Reich was thrown into prison, where he died. His work was nearly forgotten except by a small group of supporters. In this book, former university professor Dr. James DeMeo examines Reich's evidence and reports on his own observations and laboratory experiments, which have repeatedly confirmed the reality of the orgone phenomenon. Dr. DeMeo also recounts the observations and experiments of others, particularly physicians working in private European clinics where open use of Reich's controversial orgone energy accumulator proceeds today. This Handbook gives a warning about low-level atomic and electromagnetic radiations, as from nuclear power plants, power-line fields and cell-phones, along with advice on measurement and protection against such toxic energy. The book also gives a discussion on the subject of healing waters from natural hot springs, a form of energy medicine which once was widely used in North America before the rise of the authoritarian MD-hospital system and the powerful federal bureaucracy of the FDA. Dr. DeMeo also gives detailed construction plans for people to build their own orgone energy blankets and accumulators, which are inexpensive and simple to construct, though requiring specific direction as to their materials and environments. Thanks for taking the time to view my work, much love and light to you!