OPAL GODDESS Glass Pendant EARTH Mama Lampwork Bead Lovely Lady with Gemstone Signed Focal Art Bead Made with Love by Helen Hoffman
GODDESS Pendant EARTH Mama Lampwork 3D Glass Lady Earhtones with Opal Gemstone Signed Focal Art Bead Made with Love by Helen Hoffman. I Love when the Goddess energy comes through, I only make goddess art on days my Positive energy is flowing strong. I fill this Art wit LOVE, Positive Intention, and Healing Energy! She would be Beautiful on a Silver or Gold Chain or on an amazing Piece of Art you're making! She is made From Borosilicate Glass, and properly annealed to insure durability. This pendant measures just over 1.5 inches tall. Signed HLH 2011 on the back with a titanium pen. Opal Properties: Opals are also helpful for enhancing dreamwork or assisting spiritual journeys. Blue opals can help open up the third eye, sooth the throat chakra, and encourage telepathic communications. Remedy Benefits of Opal:: * Promotes introspection * Sparks imagination * Awakens intuition * Enhances clairvoyance * Manifesting tool Let me know if you have any questions. Blessings!