Gold Plated Zodiac, Horoscope, Astrology, Constellation Leo Necklace
Leos are the royal leaders of the Zodiac. The 5th in the line of Zodiac, Leos, much like their name, are strong, fierce, bold, courageous and regal in their lifestyles, ways and expression. Amazingly creative in almost all spheres of their lives, Leo individuals are independent and dominant. Known to be the most authoritative amongst all the Signs of Zodiac, Leos or Lions are often brave-hearts, and their confidence, ambition and positive thinking are exemplary and unparalleled. [PLATING] Gold Plated Vermeil - Get the look of gold without the expensive price tag. [DESIGN] Zodiac Necklace, Horoscope Necklace, Astrology Necklace, Birthday Necklace [SYMBOL] Leo [LENGTH] 16.5” Chain + 2.5" Extension [CHAIN] Cable link – for its timeless design and durability. [CLOSURE] Lobster Claw Clasp - for maximum security. [MONTH] Birthday - July 23 - August 22 [CARD STOCK MESSAGE] “Leo signifies power and endurance. You are a natural born leader and love to be center stage. Your creativity and strength of purpose makes you very goal oriented. You have endless enthusiasm and a zest for life.” [JEWELRY CARE] Ways for our customers to keep the necklace in perfect condition: 1. Avoid getting it in contact with other corrosive chemicals. This can cause the electrons from the electroplating process to accelerate to the base metal and drastically reduce the life of the necklace. 2. Avoid bathing while wearing the necklace. 3. Avoid sweat, especially when playing sports. 4. Occasionally polish the necklace with a microfiber cloth.