1928 Style Vintage Apron - Flattering Bias cut - Oriental Print - Handmade
An Apron a day keeps the stains away ~ and ~ my aprons keep you looking pretty all the while! This Apron is my popular 1928 vintage style. The bib section has a "fan" detail on the right side. It's Bias cut creates a comfortable loose swing which drapes nicely, flatters all body types and has great side coverage. Shown in some of the photos worn over a white tube top and one of the petticoats I designed. Expecting a Baby? The shape of this style apron will work well during your pregnancy too. Easily slips on over your head. Apron Length: 34” from top of shoulder, 27" from top of bib Each tie measures 28” Total width of apron+ties= 92" Pocket: a nice right side pocket measures 5"x5" Fabric: a beautiful Oriental Print in Red, White, Black & Khaki colors. 100% cotton. Trimmed in Black. Aprons are great gifts for any occasion. ***Great gift suggestion ~ put together a gift basket of kitchens related item such as this apron, some napkins, oven mitt, a utensil or two, a baking pan, pot holders, a favorite recipe……....….ideas are endless! Kick up your gift basket by adding the ingredients to make the recipe or include actual samples! Need this style apron Larger? Smaller? Contact me~ I have many years experience as a seamstress and I promise you a quality handmade item. You will not find this exact pattern elsewhere because I design and create all my own aprons. All products are guaranteed to be smoke free, pet hair free, fragrance free. All in stock items are shipped within 24 hours. Thank you for visiting my shop.