Spartacus 54/mm Gladitorial school Death match
Tribute to one of my favorite movies Stanley Kubrick's SPARTACUS. 54 mm rendition of Spartacus the Thracian and Nubian Warrior in death match in Gladiatorial school in Batiatus,Capua.......The spark that set off the 73BCE slave rebellion that rocked The Roman Empire. A most significant event that still has relevance today.....Dynamic sculpted figures with historically accurate armour/weopens and the best dynamic net on the market.....mounted on Brassl clad base, with Roman Eagle corner accents...Base(5 3/4"x1 3/4") holds sand to give Arena feel...A true miniature Roman era gem...a Centerpiece for any Roman collection..Signed BARSOUM MMXXI.Designed and manufactured in the USA....... ... ARS LONG VITA BREVIS.