Ramses the Lion Hunts 10k Gold sterling silver
My Tribute to Carl Faberge ~~~Ramses the Lion hunts~~~ ....Sculpted 10k gold and sterling silver Egyptian miniature. Detailed Egyptian Gold war chariot, silver Ramses reining ornate dynamic 10k hooded team. Dual silver Pharaoh hounds challenging 10k Lion. Detailed harness,Nugget top terrain on 3 color enameled sloped base, dimensions:72.4/mm x70.7/mm or 2.7" x 2.9" Weight:+1/4 ounce of 10k(6/DWT) Gold,5.5 ounces of sterling silver. Artisan made/USA..Makes a fine collectible. ships USPS Insured. Please make sure delivery window works ...Original designs,