Italian Black Stallion Ring Sterling silver
~Italian Black Stallion Ring~ Recently introduced, Rearing Italian Black Stallion Shield ring, *Jewelers Gold shield, 3-D Tricolor Italian flags frame bottom of shield, fluted sterling silver sides/worked shank… Has feel of collegiate ring HEAVYBUILT/USA On the coat of arms of Medieval Italian Nobility and adopted by Ferrari Motor company as their racing Marque.... A Masterpiece of craftsmanship!! o METAL- Sterling Silver .925/ *Jewelers Gold (shield) o STYLE- Solid Back, sits flat on finger (NOT CONCAVE) o FINISH- Enameled & Polish o STANDARD SIZE- Ships size 12 unless otherwise requested o OTHER SIZES- 10,11,13,14,15 o OVER SIZE 14- Add $8.00 o SMALL SIZES- Accommodated upon request o ORIGIN- Made in the USA!!! o STAMPED- Sterling Silver .925, Artisan Signed o APPROX. TOP MEASUREMENT- 0.94"H x 0.59’W (23/mm x 15/mm) * Jewelers Gold is metal similar to Brass with color of Karat Gold