USS liberty Tribute sterling silver signet Ring
Sterling Silver ,Brass Tte to the most DECORATED ship in USN since WWII that most never heard of.. A little background JFK, first US President to threaten sanctions on this mid eastern country to stop WMD proliferation in Mideast...1963 Assassination scuttles US attempt......With a more Compliant LBJ,4 years later Israel ,armed with 2 new Nuclear Devices as backup,launches 1967 war,amongst targets:USS Liberty,an American communications vessel steaming in International waters off of Northern Sinia. Enough fire power was used to sink an aircraft carrier,but for the grace of God Liberty Survives.The grissly toll,34 American sailors slaughtered and 171 wounded,highest casualty rate for a US navy ship recorded....Good Background read,Assault on the Liberty,James Ennes,Jr ret USN.Enness was officer of the deck during assault.