Six Pack of Wooden Halloween Decorations, Wooden Pumpkins, Cute Wooden Halloween Decorations, Rustic Halloween Decor, Rustic Home Decor
These wooden block Halloween figures are sure to brighten up any room. This listing is for 6 wooden Halloween figures. All of these Halloween figures are made from salvaged blocks of wood, 3 1/2 inches wide and varying from 5-8 inches tall. They are hand painted and then distressed for a beautiful, rustic look. The regular pumpkin is orange and features a stem and tassels on the top. The frosted pumpkin is orange with little streaks of white chalk paint and features a stem and tassels on the top. The ghost is white and features a hand painted face. The tombstone is grey and features a hand painted R.I.P. on the front. The black cat is black, of course, and features raffia whiskers and green button eyes. The candy corn is orange, yellow, and white, and features the distinct shape of it's delicious candy cousin. Thanks for looking and have a safe and happy Halloween! Features: - Six different figures in total! - Hand painted and distressed for a more rustic look. - Very cute!