Pallet Wood Box, Small Pallet Crate, Pallet Box, Wooden Box, Small Wooden Crate, Rustic Home Decor
This small pallet wood box is perfect for just about anything! This pallet box works great as a table centerpiece, as it will hold up to three quart sized mason jars. When used to display other rustic home decor, it is very versatile. Use it as a small crate or box to hold various items. Turn the pallet box on it's side and use it as a shadow box display. Or even turn it upside down and use it as a rustic, raised display. Each pallet wood box measures approximately 15 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 4 inches tall. All pallet planks are hand harvested and roughly sanded to reduce splintering and round corners, creating a lovely aged look. The entire pallet box is then tea stained to soften the look of fresh saw cuts, and coated with a matte finish clear coat. Features: - Fits up to 3 quart sized mason jars. - Great as a display for other rustic home decor or as a centerpiece. - Tea stained and sealed with clear coat.