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Attract solitary bees and beneficial insects to your garden with this beautiful bee hotel. Mason bees, carpenter bees, lacewings, lady bugs, and many other types of insects can be attracted using this medium sized habitat. Insects that nest in small hollows and holes will nest in the holes provided, often sealing them off with mud or other natural material. Not only does this bee hotel provide pollinator habitat, it is a lovely little focal point for any yard or garden. The outer case is painted a mossy green color. The inner nesting material is made of natural oak branches. Features: - Unit is 12 inches per side. - Outer case is painted with 2 coats of exterior, mossy green Valspar paint for maximum protection. - Inner nesting area wood is lightly surface coated with mineral oil to protect from the elements, but not interfere with the insects nesting activities. - Outer case is made from salvaged pine planks, previously used as packing for industrial steel stripping. - Inner nesting wood is made from solid oak branches with natural edges. - Some nesting holes have a rough entrance to help attract more visitors. - Outer case extends slightly beyond nesting area to protect the insect tenants from the weather. - Sit the unit on a table or stand, or use a metal hanger to hang up. - Each unit is hand made to order, so no two are exactly alike. The one of a kind unit you receive will be very similar to the ones in the photos, but not exactly the same.