Cedar Squirrel House, Cedar Squirrel Nest Box, Large Cedar Birdhouse, Rustic Squirrel House
This cedar squirrel house is the perfect addition to any garden. The squirrel house is built to accommodate nesting squirrels and large wild birds. The long, narrow nesting cavity is similar to a squirrel's favorite hideout, a hollow tree. Some species of woodpeckers also prefer a similar nesting cavity. The cedar squirrel nest is 20 inches tall, and approximately 6 inches by 6 inches square. The entry hole is near the top and back, for easy squirrel access. A small triangle of wood is mounted just above the entry hole to help keep the rain out. There is a longer plank on the back with two holes for mounting. The cedar squirrel house can be mounted using screws or by tying a cord around a tree. The bottom of the cedar squirrel house will open to allow cleaning out every season. All joints are glued with non-toxic, weather proof glue and nailed with galvanized finishing nails.