Cedar Triangle Birdhouse set of 3, 3 Rustic Birdhouses, Cedar Bluebird House, Rustic Cedar Birdhouse
Attract songbirds to your garden with this set of 3 triangle cedar birdhouses. These triangle birdhouses are built from slightly rough cedar planks, giving them a rustic look and feel. The rough planks are also easier for the birds to cling to when they come in for a landing. These triangle cedar birdhouses are designed to attract a wide variety of different wild birds. The unique shape of both the houses and the triangle entry holes really make them stand out in the garden. There are also tiny, triangle shaped vent holes in the backs of the birdhouses. Each birdhouse is 8 inches per side, and approximately 6 inches deep. There is is a metal hanger on the back of each cedar birdhouse for mounting. The entry holes are approximately 1 1/2 inches, to accommodate a variety of wild birds. All the pieces of the birdhouses are both glued with non-toxic, weatherproof glue and nailed with galvanized finishing nails. This listing is for a set of 3 triangle cedar birdhouses. All 3 cedar triangle birdhouses will ship together in one box.