Full Grain Creations

Handcrafted fine leather goods.

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Stuart, FL
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Full Grain Creations
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Disappointed by the quality of department store leather, I sought out practical leather goods that wouldn't deteriorate within a few years. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that my options were few and far between. As you may know, most leather goods are either low quality or absurdly overpriced. After extensive research and experimentation, I found a practical middle ground. Thus started my foray into the world of leather crafting. Shortly after taking up the craft I began spending most of my free time practicing and reading about leather working. What started out as a simple quest to make a few items quickly turned into a passion. I've drawn upon the tools and techniques of leather workers the world over. Much of my inspiration comes from traditional European leather goods and Western American saddlery. I also love to fuse Nordic art into my projects whenever possible. Sourcing my materials directly from the world's most premier tanneries and tool manufactures allows me to create high quality products while keeping my costs low. My mission is to offer some of my favorite projects to anyone looking for affordable and functional leather goods. Check out some of my work at instagram.com/FullGrainCreations.