Custom Woven Beaded Bracelets for stealth stimming
One of the nicest things with making and wearing these bracelets is the textures. Made of multiple beads of the same size, the beads roll under your fingers and have a wonderful feel to them. As a bonus, they also look really nice and elegant so if you're running your fingers all over them, it's totally just because the beads are nice, not at all that you're stimming. Most of the beads are smooth and glossy. Frosted beads are available for some colors, and give a different feel to the bracelet and add a bit of a scratchy sound when the beads are being rubbed. If you have specific questions about the textures, please ask and I'll do my best to describe how the specific bracelet feels! Bracelets made with size 8 beads will be more flexible and pliable. Bracelets made with the smaller size 11 beads will be a bit stiffer. Each bracelet will have a mix of opaque, transparent, metallic, ceylon/opal and rainbow coated beads in multiple shades of your chosen colors. If you want just one style of bead, or just one shade of a color, please leave a note and I'll do my best to accommodate! The thread used is super strong and should hold up to repeated fiddling. (A bracelet was tested by a friend who chews things and it survived 2 weeks of "gentle" chewing and "furious" rubbing before she misplaced it.) Each bracelet is finished off with a pair of slide bars, one with a lobster claw clasp, the other with a short length of chain to allow for the bracelet to fit anywhere from a six to nine inch wrist. People with nickel sensitivities, please leave a note! I have nickel free findings I have that work with these bracelets, but they look very different than the ones pictured.