Natural Lava Rock & Gemstone Chakra Bracelet | Adjustable Chakra Bracelet With Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye  | Calming - Protection - Stability
Natural Lava Rock and Gemstone Chakra Bracelets Are Made Using 8mm Semiprecious Beads That Have Specific Energy Properties That Help In Cleansing, Purifying and Balancing The Chakra It's Associated With. They Are Strung On 100% Black Nylon Cord and Secured With a Macrame Square Knot Sliding Clasp Which Makes Them Adjustable. They're Unisex in Design and Can Be Worn Daily. Chakra, Means "Wheel" and It Refers To Energy Points On The Body Starting at The Base Of The Spine Through the Crown Of The Head. These Spinning Disks Of Energy Should Remain Open and Aligned. There Are 7 Chakras and Each One Is Responsible For The Body's Energy, Emotional and Physical Wheel Being.