Lion's Head Protection & Balance Bracelet With Tiger Eye and Lava Rock Gemstones, Positive Energy Chakra Jewelry, Gift For Grads and Dads
New Bracelets For Your Favorite Guys, These Bracelets Feature A High Polished Lion's Head Bead Centered Between Beautiful Amber Colored Tiger Eye Stones, Finishing With Natural Volcanic Rock, Lava Stones. These Bracelets Measure At 8in & Are Securely Double Strung On A Heavy Clear Stretch Cord. What Makes These Bracelets Special Is The Intention Behind Them, As We Have Heard Many Times The Saying, " It's The Thought That Counts" - It Really Does. I Chose Tiger Eye Because It Is Highly Protective & Balancing, It Restores Clarity and Concentration, Symbolizes Inner Strength and Determination and It's a Natural Good Luck Charm. Lava Stones Carry a Powerful Grounding Energy, It Helps To Keep Us Centered and Feeling Secure. It Keeps The Owner Safe and Free From Negativity, It Symbolizes Change and Transformation, It Helps The Owner Remain On The Right Path With A Clear Mind and It Brings Positive Energy To Individuals That Are Entering A New Stage of Their Life. Lion's Symbolize Pride, Courage, Strength and Integrity.