Rose Quartz Pave Crystal Bracelet With Matte White Agate Stones & Heart Cham Toggle, Ladies Positive Energy Healing Chakra Jewelry
Agates have beautiful properties, they are gently soothing, harmonizing, balancing and purifying stones. They also activate higher energy that allow spirituality to enter our lives. More specifically, White Agates rejuvenate our body's energy and align the chakras, they cleanse our auras and shield us from negative energy. When paired with another healing stone the Agates Properties are amplified and begins to work in harmony with the other stones energy. Rose Quartz is healing stone that's associated with the Heart Chakra and is the stone of Love and compassion, relationships and trust. These properties are enhanced by the Agate stones which will benefit the wearer and those around them. Bracelet Details: 7.5 inches 8mm Agate beads & 10mm Rose Quartz and Pave Crystal beads Double strung on silver flex beading wire Secured with a toggle bar and ring closure with an attached rhinestone embellished heart charm. Beads are round and have a smooth finish, the Agates have a matte finish.