Hematite and  Tiger Eye Grounding Energy and Balance Bracelet | Embrace Positive Vibes | Calming & Healing Gemstone Chakra Stretch Bracelet
Courage, Understanding, Happiness, Good Luck, and Positivity is For Everyone, Manifest Your Energy With Hematite and Tiger Eye. Stretch Bracelet is Unisex In Design and Has A Sleek Minimalistic Feel Making It Perfect For Everyday Wear. Hematite Has An Energetic Grounding Effect That Keeps Us Centered, Anchored To Our True Selves. Its Calming In Many Situations Where We Might Feel Stressed or When Anxiety Sets In. It's Powerful Healing Energy Can Help Rid Us Of Negativity, Self-Doubt, Blocked Emotions and Unhealthy Behaviors That Hold Us Back From Being Happy. It's Spiritual Beliefs Are That It Stimulates and Awakens Ones Intuition, It Rebalances Us So That We Are Completely In Tune Mind, Body and Spirit. Its Also Known As a Highly Protective Stone, Keeping Us Safe From Harm, Blocking Any Negativity From Others from Being Attached To Us. It's Also Useful In Maintaining Concentration, Fueling Memory, It Can Spark Self-Discovery and Help One Stay On Track In Pursuing Their Goals. It Has So Many Wonderful Purposes and Effects To Benefit From. Its One Of My Personal Favorites. Tiger Eye, 1 Lava Stone and Rhinestone Rondelle Beads Used In Completing This Style, Beads Are Double Strung On A Clear Stretch Cord.