Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Knotted String Bracelet, Unisex Adjustable Cord, Red Blue Green String Evil Eye For Protection, Good Luck and Healing
Hand knotted bracelets are made using nylon cord with a square knot pattern that make up both the band and clasp. The clasp is a sliding knot that allows the bracelet to adjust in length to fit bigger wrists. The Hamsa Hand at the center is the focal point of this design, i used some metal accent beads to enhance to Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye. The meaning of this amulet is to protection the wearer from evil spirits, harm and misfortune. The hand symbolizes blessings and prosperity, it is often worn as a talisman of good luck. The Hamsa Hand Evil Eye have numerous meanings throughout the world and in various cultures, each having their own significance and reason to wear or carry one. I have 3 colors available, Red, Blue, and Green.