Evil Eye Crystal Charm Bracelet, Intuition, Faith, and Protection Gemstone Bracelet, Blue Cats Eye and Matte Agate Stones,
Bracelet Details: Gemstones - Blue Cats Eye & White Matte Agate Length - 7.5 inches Stringing Material - Clear Stretch Cord, Double Strung Cats Eye stones are used to stimulate Intuition and Self Awareness. Its A grounding stone and cleanses The Mind, Emotions and Aura from negative energy. It enhances Good Luck and Fortune and surrounds the wearer with a protective energy keeping them safe from harm and evil spirits. Agates have beautiful properties, they are gently soothing, harmonizing, balancing and purifying stones. They also activate higher energy that allow spirituality to enter our lives. More specifically, White Agates rejuvenate our body's energy and align the chakras,like Cats Eye, they cleanse our auras and shield us from negative energy.