Men's Hematite and Tiger Eye Bracelet With Blue Cats Eye
Bracelet Details: Length - 8 inches ( adjustments can be made if needed) Stringing Material - Clear Stretch Cord Gemstones - Hematite, Tiger Eye and Blue Cats Eye, the black beads in between are glass seed Beads. Chakra - Root and Sacral Chakras. Purpose - Protection, Grounding and Balance. Hematite has a strong energy that is powerful yet gentle in the ways that it works with the body, it doesn't overwhelm, it soothes the mind and emotions. It cools and regulates our body's energy. It anchors us to our cores the same way that it connects us to earth providing a sense of security and stability. It absorbs and removes negative energy cleansings our emotions and minds from distracting thoughts. Tiger Eye supports the 3 lower Chakras. It stands for Courage, Wisdom, Resilience, Strength and Protection. The energy of this stones works great for bringing mental clarity, concentration and practicality. It energizes the mind and helps turn thoughts and ideas into actions.