7 Stone Chakra & Evil Eye Knotted Keychain, Macrame Beaded Zipper Clip For Backpacks and Bags, Purse Charm, Lanyard Clip Gemstone Keychain
The knotting on this keychain is done in a square knot pattern on black nylon cord. This particular knot is flat and neatly lays against the gemstones. It is 6 inches in length and has a lanyard clip on one end which makes it easy to attach on keys, backpack and gym bag zippers, it also makes a cute little purse or wristlet dangle. The 7 gemstones represent the 7 Chakras and the blue Evil Eye is meant to keep you safe from harm, misfortune and ward off evil spirits. Gemstones used are a variety of Quartz with the exception of Moonstone and Turquoise. The Chakras & Stones: Root - Tiger Eye Sacral - Orange Quartz Solar Plexus - Yellow Quartz Heart - Green Aventurine Throat - Turquoise Third Eye - Amethyst Crown - Moonstone