Clear Beach Glass Handmade Silver Plated Wire Wrapped Necklace
There are so many options and varieties of Sea Glass and the jewelry that comes along with it. I like this pendant a lot. It is made symetrically yet with a different design on each side. one side is simply parallel elegant wires running where on the other side there is a Fibonacci sequence ratio Fibbio spiral. Made with clear Ocean Glass, and reversible, this pendant will be great for anyone who likes handmade and eclectic jewelry . The sea glass was collected from the Outer Banks by a friend of mine from High school; from over 10 years ago! She is there with her husband who is in the military and was able to collect and send a lot of shells and collected sea glass. This pendant is part o"2015 OBX Collection" from Revelation Gems and is a great addition to your collection. Choose the correct length for your necklace (included in your purchase along with a clear top display jewelry box.) Like us on facebook at: Revelation Gems. We are pleased that our shop is being viewed by you and we encourage you to contact us and stay in touch.