The Tell-Tale Heart book hideaway box. Unique & hand decorated
This is a completely unique piece- a book in appearance, this is actually a wood box which is wood-burned and hand-decorated. The "spine" opens into a drawer- perfect for jewelry, trinkets or any other keepsakes! The front appears to be the classic gothic story horror story "The Tell Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe. Its a totally original construction- it appears to be an ordinary hardwood floor, until you move the floor board! What horror is underneath- and when you look down, it is a full-anatomically correct heart, custom made for this project. The title is in metallic black and red. The back is simple but telling- its our narrator, frantically pulling up the floorboards for the police to reveal the source of his guilty soul. The side matches the front but also has the "strange eye" that drove our unstable character to murder. The whole thing is covered in a glossy protective finish. This is an absolutely wonderful piece for any fan of literature, Poe, horror or gothic novels. Would make a great gift for yourself or for someone else! Thanks for looking! Size - Whole box, outside: Width: 6.5 inches Height: 8.45 inches Height: 1.5 inches I also do custom work and love a good challenge, so let's talk! I also do custom work and love a good challenge, so let's talk! Also I do ship internationally, I have to figure out a quote on an individual basis. Also this is a made-to-order product, so please see shipping time range.