Hand crafted fly earrings for the discerning and pierced!

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Leyden, MA
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Zachary Trojano
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Eyecast earrings are designed and hand tied by a New England fly fisherman. They come out of the long tradition of attaching feathers to fishhooks with thread and knots to produce "flies". Flies are tied in specific patterns of color, size, and buoyancy, to imitate things like mayflies and baitfish. All of this meticulous work is done to trick a trout into biting a small hook at the end of a very delicate line, so that we might feel closer to nature for a few short minutes, and occasionally get a free supper. The earrings are tied on real hooks with real feathers. The hooks are clipped for your safety, but can be left alone if you'd like your earrings to double as a fishing fly! The patterns tend to favor aesthetics over traditional trout fly design, but many trout flies are quite beautiful and I'm happy to tie them by request. These earrings are very light and comfortable to wear, durable, and waterproof! Popular patterns are shown on the home page, but please don't hesitate to get in touch for something a little different. I'm happy to work with you to find a length, color, and style that work for you. Thanks for checking out Eyecast earrings! Please let me know if you've got any questions,