Because our products are handcrafted and customized to your exact specifications, they do occasionally have small imperfections—a bubble that is visible just beneath a table’s surface, or a little pocket in the leg of a table. These imperfections never impact the structural integrity or the overall quality of the piece, and even add to its unique flair. They also allow us to offer handmade products at discounted rates to all of our clients

Payment Policy

We accept payments via - Paypal, MasterCard & VISA

Shipping Policy

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping unless otherwise arranged Shipping charges will be billed separately (NOT FREE)

Refund & Exchange Policy

Euphoric Acrylic Furniture & Designs guarantees your piece to arrive unbroken and to the size specifications of your order (+/- 1 inch). Because each piece from Euphoric Acrylic Designs is uniquely made to order, we CANNOT accept returns unless the piece is broken or incorrectly manufactured. Once the customer receives the order it is that customers sole responsibility to care for the acrylic/lucite. If your piece arrives damaged, you must notify Euphoric Acrylic Furniture & Designs within 24 hours and provide pictures of the damage. Refund/replacement will not be made until a shipping claim is paid. If your piece is not made to your size specifications you must notify Euphoric Acrylic Furniture & Designs within 72 hours. After 72 hours Euphoric Acrylic Furniture & Designs will not be held responsible for errors in manufacturing.

Other Policies

~~Thank you for considering your purchase of a made-to-order, custom acrylic piece. Euphoric Acrylic Furniture & Designs LLC is a family owned and operated small business that hand crafts acrylic/lucite products available in custom sizing. Since the nature of acrylic/lucite is delicate and often difficult to work with, and standards of what is expected from a acrylic/lucite product vary greatly, it is necessary to outline our companies’ policies regarding payment and returns. You have come to us to produce a product to your size specifications and to our standards. As such, the following terms and conditions of purchase apply. Please familiarize yourself with these terms prior to purchase as they are binding. Disclaimer: While we pride ourselves in providing high quality merchandise, in most cases - OUR PRODUCTS ARE NOT WITHOUT FLAW. Air pockets/streams may be visible. This does not take away from the structurally soundness of the product. Simply said: we produce a very nice Toyota, Ford or even Lexus however we do not produce Mercedes/Benz or BMW quality product.

Contact Information

Feel Free to visit us at. Email - Phone - 707 400-0572

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