Brass Acented Acrylic/Lucite Console Table (Acrylic Furniture)
This is a very nice decorative piece with stunning brass corner accents that highlight the piece. This is mainly designed as an entryway piece or a nice table to fill a small wall spot. With fully custom, made to order sizing it can be made to fit in just about any space. A standard the piece is priced in 1/2" thick material but for weight bearing purposes, t.v microwave and such a 3/4" material would be advised. Edges are bonded to a nearly perfect clarity and the piece can be made with or without shelves. Table longer than 36" would require additional bracing to support the shelves. This is an affordable piece that can be a good accent to any home, Custom Sizes Available - Please Contact To Inquire (Shipping Quoted for CA customers - varies in other states)