Colorful Cloth Napkins. 100% Cotton Reusable Napkins. Everyday Use 12x12
Handmade cloth napkins made of 100% cotton fabric. Available 16x16 or 12x12 size. Set of 4 Napkins. Color may look slightly different due to the monitor. No need to wash alone, just throw in the wash with like colors. Avoid fabric softener to increase absorbency. On average, each person in America uses 2,200 two-ply napkins every year, as Business Insider reports. They get thrown away and that's a lot of waste ending up in landfills that can be avoided with a sustainable cloth napkin. Cloth napkins have more than one use. After napkins are no longer used for napkins they can be used for cleaning rags. If you prefer certain color combos, sizes or amount please feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you. Made in a smoke free home.