Gift Certificate for TWO 8"x10" Custom Pet Portraits
This is a BOGO GIFT CERTIFICATE for pet portrait to be hand painted by me. It will be done in acrylic paint on stretched canvas (allow about 2-3 weeks depending on work load. The Bogo portrait is half price for what I normally charge for that size. So you are getting the second portrait for half price. Here is how it works. You purchase this listing for 2 portraits (can be cat, dog horse, etc) and I will mail you TWO actual cards one for you and one to give as your gift to someone else. I can also email the gift certificate if time is a factor. You can have a pet portrait done for you and give one to a friend. (They pay nothing but you have only paid half price for the second portrait.) AND shipping is FREE ! Depending on work load, please allow 3-4 weeks for portrait, though many are done much sooner. The person who receives the gift certificate can then contact me through the info on the card to claim their gift and have a pet portrait done of their favorite cat, dog, horse or other pet! Both parties need to supply good clear detailed fotos of the pet they want portrayed in the painting. The price includes toned backgrounds and one critter only but arrangements can be made to add a more detailed background or other pets at extra cost. SHIPPING IS FREE ON BOTH PORTRAITS to lower 48 only. Any state taxes are not included and to be paid by client. Cancellations subject to 15 % restocking fee --No returns on custom art. HELLO AND WELCOME TO--- ACatNamedFred, my cat sanctuary --named after and devoted to the memory of the best and baddest cat ever, Freddie Cougar, who tried to be a nightmare on every street! We had him nearly 20 years and miss him dearly. We now have a cat sanctuary with a host of other bad cats that due to their nature or habits would not make good pets, unless you put them outside. And outside is NOT a good place for cats. And because these rescues, foundlings and cast offs cannot be inside, they ARE outside in a large catio with plenty of room to play and be bad and be safe from cars, coyotes and other dangers. Too bad the birds that occasionally get in the catio cannot say the same. Each listing will highlight one of the gang 14, or is it 15, miscreants or a story about Fred at the bottom of the page. Besides the item for sale, a picture of the cat will be shown. All profits go to maintaining the sanctuary in honor of a cat named Fred. I am an artist and devoted to my cats. They often show up in my art, which is sold as an original, print, stationery or other artististic creation. I also do cat portraits drawing or painting and offer cat collectibles. My other shop is Susan's Saddle Stands where you can buy custom designed saddle stands, horse and other art. SPOTLIGHT ON---MINDY ME---Mindy Me has the softest meow, a super friendly personality and a sense of humor. But she does not do well with other cats as they always seem to see her as prey. We got her as a kitten one day when a neighbor called and said his dog was about to attack a stray kitten and he could not hold the dog off long. I rushed right over and picked her up---sweetest personality but the other cats picked on her all the time and she developed litter box problems. We put her in the catio but she did not do well and got very depressed. So now she is in my art studio and very happy well adjusted and uses the litter box and sometimes the sink (sigh!) If you would like to continue to shop for more cat art and cat gifts including custom cat collectibles, framed cat paintings, cat prints and custom cat pet portraits you may return to ACatNamedFred by clicking the following link: If you would like to visit my other shop to look potential horse art gifts including custom horse art both original and prints, framed horse art and custom horse portraits you may go to the---Susan’sSaddleStands by clicking the following link: NOTES ABOUT SHIPPING---please read carefully. 1- Some paintings are framed under glass. All care will be taken to pack these items but due to distance package will travel, there is always a chance the glass could break. Upon request, glass will be removed at no extra charge. You add glass when it gets to you. I can substitute plexi-glass which will not break. To do this I will set up another etsy listing just for that service. Cost will vary depending on size. 2- Prints, stickers, bookplates, etc will be shipped flat between cardboard inserts or in a cardboard mailer. 3. Note cards,note pads, or groups of sStationery, will be shipped flat between cardboard or in 1 inch deep boxes. . 4. Large watercolor paintings (not framed) will be shipped in a tube. When you remove the art, simply roll it in the opposite direction and it will lay flat again. Ask questions if you are not sure about shipping-- All items will be packed carefully but keep in mind, I am not responsible for item once it is on its way and in the hands of others.