Floral Silk Backless Wrap Dress - Papier Decoupe
Elegant design means clean, flattering lines and inventive, innovative functionality - this flirty silk habotai dress is just that. Covered with delicate flowers and lined in black, this beautiful ankle-length spring/summer dress is dramatic enough to steal the show at a wedding party but effortless enough to wear as a cover up at the beach. My one-piece "Mariposa" backless design has no seams - only side bust darts. The 100% silk print is a bouquet of radiant orchid, dazzling azure, antique gold, hushed pink, deep bronze, shadowed black, and hints of mint on a newsprint gray background. The gold chain wraps around the open back, resting above the hips and cinches in the front. The back of the dress features crossed gold elastic coiled into place to keep the top secure and drifts into a slight A-line silhouette starting from the hipbone. Due to the single piece construction, larger sizes are not available. Dry cleaning is recommended. Choose size by the measurement around the widest portion of your chest, parallel to the ground. 0 fits bust between 30 and 31 inches 2 fits bust between 31 and 32.5 inches 4 fits bust between 32.5 and 34 inches 6 fits bust between 34 and 35.5 inches 8 fits bust between 35.5 and 37 inches 10 fits bust between 37 and 38.5 inches 12 fits bust between 38.5 and 40 inches 14 fits bust between 40 and 41.5 inches 16 fits bust between 41.5 and 43 inches