Ensou Inc

Creations from the Heart

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Honolulu, HI
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Carlie Uyemura
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Aloha and welcome to Ensou! In Zen Buddhism, using calligraphy as a form of meditation, Ensou is a classic symbol where a circle is drawn in one uninhibited stroke. Within this one simple drawing, we see the expressive and creative moment in the artists soul in that one moment in time. Crafting in itself is meditative and therapeutic. Like the symbol of Ensou, each and every piece you see on these pages reveals a piece of our true nature and spirit. As artists, we expose the deepest part of ourselves to the world. We share with you pieces of our heart and soul in hopes that they help you find the beauty in life, as we did in our creations. Thank you for taking the time time to visit our shop! Please visit us on our webpage for MUCH more product: http://www.Ensou808.com Keep up to date on events, products, and more: http:/www.Facebook.com/Ensou808