Mid Century Modern Shadow Box Lamp
Modern, unique handmade shadow box lamp. It’s purposeful, elegant design pushes the light outward, allowing for unique directional accent lighting. When not in use you can secure the lid, transforming the lamp into a mid-century decor piece. The lid can also be used as a riser for the light. The inside & lid of the wooden box has a bright white lacquer finish, & the outside is stained with a dark Walnut. The mini globe LED bulb is 3 watts (30w equivalent) and is made with amber colored glass. Wired with an antique style brown cloth covered cord & a reproduction Bakelite switch. Features: Each of my lamps are handmade in Portland, Oregon, and are one of a kind. The lamp includes an 8’ cloth covered cord & toggle switch. Dimensions are: 6” W x 6” D x 6” H. Electrical Warning: *40 watt max light bulb* When changing the light bulb, always put the switch in the turned 'off' position and make sure the lamp is unplugged from the wall. *Lamp is rated for indoor use only. Do NOT use outdoors.