Sloan the Clone the dinosaur head OOAK Puppet Monster Custom Fun for Everyone
SLOAN HAS BEEN SOLD LOCALLY... I can make you a similar or customer one though!... Decades ago, a small fossil was found in a river basin in Utah. Trapped inside the unusual fossil, paleontologists found a microscopic fiber containing DNA. Eager to reintroduce this extinct species, scientist used frog genes to fill in the gaps of the missing genes, but something went wrong. Anyway, the DNA turned out to be that of a puppet. A puppet with only a head and neck. Sloan. After a failed attempt to create a theme park, Sloan was stuffed in a crate and forgotten. He finally made his way back into the light and he is ready for a new home. Help him find a home, and maybe one day even some arms or legs or something. I mean the poor guy can't even scratch his head if he has an itch. You can order Sloan, or I can make you a similar puppet with different colors or features! Anything you'd like! Created from foam, fabric, plastic, upcycled materials, wood, and more. Each puppet is completely one of a kind. I don't use any patterns. ( These are not typical cookie cutter just follow a pattern puppets. Let me stress, I don't use ANY patterns. Each puppet is unique, even similar puppets.) Each puppet starts as a sketch. From there, I begin to sketch, cut, and work with the foam until the puppet that I envision begins to take shape before my eyes. Puppets are held together with machine sewing, some hand sewing, and hot glue. These puppets are made of high quality foam and other materials. Can be used for shows or just at home for fun. I make them in all varieties of shapes and sizes, so feel free to ask me about any idea you may have. I'll be glad to build any puppet for you. From a child's sketch to a "portrait" puppet, I love any challenge. Will make full or half-body. Full size or mini's. Please feel free to email me with any questions. May ship internationally. Please contact me first.I have many more friends of various sizes and prices that I will be posting this week. DryCreekArt retains all copyrights to the creatures and designs. If you're interested in purchasing rights to a creature please email me.