Crystal Bling
If you like a lot bling then this is the necklace for you. There are 15 different types of crystal in this necklace. The colors are based on the Swarovski chart. There are five different colors of crystal used in this necklace. So I’ll try to make this as simple as possible but it could and probably will get confusing. So here goes, the I’m going at assume that most people know what an Aurora Borealis is when it comes to color, but just to cover all my bases it’s a color the reflects all the colors of the rainbow. Then there are several very dark blue (Navy blue) beads and that color is called Dark Indigo. Now for ne next color It is a very light gray colored bead and it’s name is Light Azare. I hope you still with me only to more to go. The fourth beds is a clear dark blue bead that reflects all the colors of the rainbow and it’s name is Blue Aurora Borealis. I’m hoping you are still with me cause this next is the most difficult to explain. When you first look at it you see blue, but if you look a little closer you will see a greenish yellow glint to it. This bead color is called Medium Vitrail Blue. Now for the simple part it is all hanging from a gold tone chain that is smooth on one side and patterned on the other side. This change length can be altered if you wish. It finishes with a Toggle Clasp. N0006